Recently, my mechanic told me I might have to replace a wheel bearing and knuckle on my old Honda. Being the type person that doesn’t know a car knuckle from a pork knuckle, I searched online and quickly found this video from Kelly Honda in Lynn, Massachusetts, showing just what a bearing/knuckle job looks like.

The video is pretty basic, a couple camera angles on Chris the technician, intercut with title cards, and some canned music. But for me, right then, trying to decide whether to hand over some serious knuckle money, this video was more compelling than the “Breaking Bad” finale or even Bethany Mota’s winter makeup makeover.

That’s the power of video for a local business to reach out from the crowd on the internet and grab potential customers. Video services company Animoto took a survey of online video users and found that they welcome video marketing – but not TV-style commercials.

The most popular formats were product or service demonstrations, customer testimonials and informational videos on the company, particularly ones that show personality. A surprisingly high number of consumers said they have liked or shared a company video on social media. And just presenting videos made a company look customer-focused, survey respondents said. More findings in the infographic below.

Also, check the results of an earlier survey by Animoto that found that 70% watched video on phones while watching television. Interesting to think that the local garage’s knuckle/bearing video can compete with multi-million dollar TV ad campaigns.

Video Marketing Cheat Sheet by Animoto