When you’re running a business, a variety of things can go wrong, from employee injuries to natural disasters taking your building down. Owners can’t afford to believe the voice in their head telling them it’ll never happen to them. Small businesses especially can’t afford to skip out on having insurance as a safety net.

“The insurance company’s job is to bring the business back to whole,” explains Doug Groves, the force behind Program Insurance Group. Whether it’s keeping your business running or backing you up on a brewing lawsuit, insurance is a small price to pay to save your business down the line. “Insurance, at its core, is taking a little bit of money from each to pay for the claims of a few.”

In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, we sit down with Groves, who has more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. Listen in as he guides small business owners on how to properly evaluate their insurance needs.

A Sneak Peek

The mistake is the bullet-proof mindset that all of those bad things happen to someone else.

More of what you can expect to hear:

  • Greatest mistakes small businesses make when it comes to getting insured.
  • Tips to saving big on premiums as a franchisee.
  • Various policies and practices to consider while insurance shopping.

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