Many small business owners always had dreams of building and running their own businesses. Others fall into entrepreneurship and have to figure it out as they go. While neither route is best, all have inspiring stories to share.

Jaron Lucas, founder of Lucas Construction Services, says he was laid off from his job as a mechanical engineer 7 years ago. But, as a third-generation contractor raised in the industry by his father and grandfather, he didn’t wallow. Instead, he picked up his tool belt and said, “I’m going to start a business.”

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode – Lucas Construction Services, we sat down with Jaron to hear what it took to start and grow his business.

Lucas Construction provides high-end residential remodels, light commercial build outs, and even commercial maintenance and handyman services. Hear more about how they’re “Winning on Main Street.”

A Sneak Peek

Building a small business doesn’t happen overnight. But today, Lucas construction does around 300–500 jobs a year. Jaron said:

“I’ve gone through a lot of trial by fire. I spent about 5 years thinking, ‘Let me try this. Oh, let me try this.’ It’s not for the faint of heart. If I were to suggest anyone else go into it, I’d make sure they have a plan.”

Here’s what you can expect to hear:

  • How finding his niche in the construction market helped him succeed
  • Money-management techniques and how to book jobs with better margins
  • How he streamlined processes to become more profitable

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