When small business owners hear the word “lawyer,” it’s accompanied by the image of dollars flying from their wallets. The idea of calling a law firm for assistance, and then get billed by the hour would stress anyone out. However, one man is shaking up the courtroom and making hiring a lawyer less threatening, especially for small businesses.

Most people avoid looking for a lawyer until their back is against a wall but, Scott Reib, owner of ReibLaw, encourages small business owners to take a different route and think of lawyers as primary care physicians.

“About five years after opening my practice, I began to notice my repeat clients would only call when there was a major issue versus working with me in advance to prevent the problems,” he says. Since then, Reib created The Access Plan. The plan allows small businesses to get the legal help they need without paying out of pocket every time.

In the latest episode of the “Winning on Main Street” podcast, we sit down with Reib as he shares his genius plan to making small businesses shatterproof.

A Sneak Peek

It’s really hard to find a good lawyer, and when you do, it’s really expensive.

More of what you can expect to hear:

  • Why small businesses can’t afford to wait until they need legal help to seek lawyers.
  • How a subscription model can save small businesses money.
  • The strategy of becoming a shatterproof business.

As a gift to Winning on Main Street listeners, you can sign up for a free 20-minute strategy session with Reib for your business or download a copy of his e-book.

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