These days, more and more business owners are eschewing the brick-and-mortar office and opting to run their businesses virtually. With a web presence and the right technology, you can manage appointments, handle your finances, and even engage your customers from your smartphone.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 14 – MKC Cleaning Services, we sat down with Mary Crevier, owner and founder of MKC Cleaning Services in Olathe, Kansas. In this interview, Mary described how she uses technology to schedule her clients on-the-go and manage her business from her SUV.

Launched six months ago, MKC Cleaning Services provides cleaning and organization services for both residential and commercial properties. With 50+ recurring clients and plenty of one-off jobs taking her all over the Kansas City area, Mary quickly realized she needed to be able to manage her business “on the go.”

A Sneak Peak

Mary runs MKC Cleaning Services almost entirely from her Ford Expedition, using her smartphone (and Thryv software) to keep track of appointments, send estimates and invoices, collect payments, and stay in touch with her customers. As her business continues to grow, Mary is determined to keep things running as smoothly and flexibly as possible so she can respond to clients quickly and make sure they’re happy with their service.

“Without my calendar and scheduler, I would be lost. And taking payments—that’s all done on the go. When I get home, I’ve got my kids I take care of. I can’t work at home anymore, so it’s all done through my phone.”

What you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • How customer reviews are vital for building an online reputation and making sure you get found online.
  • How the CRM database can be used to track customer preferences and special requests.
  • How the scheduler and calendar can be used to help multiple teams keep track of back-to-back (or even overlapping) appointments.

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