Digital marketing can do more than simply get customers in your door. When used properly, it can bring your existing customers together and transform them into a community of loyal fans.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 13 – Hyperion Brewing, we sat down with Alex McKeown, owner and founder of Hyperion Brewing Company to hear how she’s using social media, text, and email marketing to engage with her customers and keep them coming back.

Hyperion Brewing Company, a craft brewery in Jacksonville, Florida, is as much a passion project as it is a business for Alex. She started brewing beer in her home back in 2015 and teamed up with a high school friend (who had a real passion for craft beer) to open Hyperion in 2017. Hyperion has become a fan-favorite among the Historic Springfield community for its ever-changing lineup of craft beers, each of which is brewed one barrel (31 gallons) at a time.

A Sneak Peek

Hyperion Brewing Company is helping to revitalize the commercial area of the Springfield Historic District in Jacksonville. Since its opening in that neighborhood in 2017, Hyperion has been joined by two additional breweries, as well as a number of restaurants and smaller retailers/boutiques. But while Alex hopes to grow her business eventually, right now her focus is on building a community and creating an amazing customer experience.

“We like being small. It fits our business model really well. We’re here to provide a unique customer service and a great experience, and we want to make sure we do that really well before we ever grow.”

What you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • How the CRM database (and email/text campaigns) can be used to build customer loyalty.
  • How a business can “live, breathe, and grow” with success from digital platforms, especially its website.
  • Why it’s important to engage with customers and respond to reviews (both good and bad).

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