Small business owners know running your own business takes a lot of work. After all, you’re the CEO, CMO, and the chief of…well, anything that comes up that day. That means the behind-the-scenes work can sometimes overtake the time you get to spend serving clients.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 11 – Hair by Sierra, we sat down with Sierra Smith, founder of Hair By Sierra, to hear how she uses technology to reclaim her time. According to her, software helped her regain valuable time outside of work with her family and allows her to focus on serving her hundreds of clients.

Hair By Sierra in Fresno, California focuses on coloring and color correction. Specializing in balayage, Sierra says her business attracts clients in dire need of fixing less-skilled dye jobs.

According to Sierra, she got into the salon business younger than usual, around the age of 13. That’s when she discovered her natural talent for hairstyling and beauty. After a couple semesters in traditional college, she finally allowed herself to pursue her dream.

A Sneak Peek

Sierra and her assistant rent a booth at the first and only salon she’s been at since she started in the salon industry about 5 years ago. With services varying from a $25 basic haircut to a $250 color service, managing the business isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Even managing her calendar can feel like a full time job.

“Doing booking by myself for the last 5 years really took a toll on my home life. I’m a mom, girlfriend, and I take care of my dad as well. It’s hard to be 24/7 on your phone doing scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, invoicing…it never ends. I’ve been wanting to use technology for a while.”

What you can expect to hear in this episode:

  • How Sierra’s now using online booking to fill her calendar months in advance
  • Why appointment booking software should cater to your business’s unique services
  • How software can help business owners get back free time outside of work

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