Promoting Facebook on TwitterA dental company that participated in our recent webinar asked this question:

“Is it good or bad to direct your tweets/retweets to Facebook?”

In short: It’s good! Very good, in fact. Cross-promoting your various social platforms is an excellent idea!

But I do recommend these cross-promoting guidelines:

  1. Don’t only direct Twitter followers to Facebook. Diversify your tweets, and keep in mind that not all Twitter followers will be interested in Facebook.
  2. Be thoughtful about how you’re directing Twitter followers to your Facebook page. If you tweet, “I just posted a photo to Facebook,” that’s unlikely to entice anyone to click. But something along the lines of, “We’re having a lively discussion about the best celebrity smiles on Facebook!” with a link to that post is more likely to garner interest.
  3. If someone asks you a direct question on Twitter, answer it there. Don’t direct them elsewhere. It may put them off. If their question requires an answer longer than 140 characters, taking it offline to a phone conversation or sending an email might be better than sending them to Facebook. It’s also great to take Q&A to your blog (you do have a blog, right?) and tweet links to your blog posts.
  4. Be sure to cross-promote your other online presences, not just Facebook. Did you get a good review on a review site? Point if out on Twitter — you’re allowed to brag once in awhile. And don’t forget any other social platforms you may have. If you’re on Pinterest, describe a fun photo you just pinned or tweet about an Instagram photo.
  5. And make sure tweeting about others is part of your strategy. To make substantial connections on social media, it’s important to promote others’ content as well.