In today’s competitive marketplace, developing and nurturing a strong small business brand is more important than ever. Here are some of the latest news pieces to come across our desk, providing insights into some of the ways you can grow your brand and take it to the next level.

Your Brand Is About the Feels” (Entrepreneur)

Those elements that compose a brand are actually made up of two distinct components: intellectual and emotional. It’s the emotional elements that provide the connective tissue that makes a brand compelling, including those that touch upon the principles of integrity, reputation, trust, and relationship.

Seven Ways to Use Email to Build Your Brand and Create a Better Customer Experience” (Forbes)

Despite all the hype around social media marketing, email continues to be a powerful business tool: for communicating with customers, as a customer service channel, as a marketing tool, and as a device through which businesses can strengthen their brand. This article from Forbes describes seven different ways SMBs can use email to their advantage to enhance communications and promote their brand.

8 Marketing Beliefs that Are Hurting Brands” (Branding Strategy Insider)

Not all marketing trends are beneficial for small businesses; in fact, some, once the hype has passed, can actually end up hurting business brands. Read on for a great list of some of the most common marketing myths out there that can end up derailing the growth of SMB brands.

The ABCDs of Twitter Lead Generating Marketing” (Mobile Marketing Watch)

Given that there have been 145 million users who have signed on to Twitter in the past five years, small businesses cannot overlook its power to propel marketing and really strengthen the business brand. To drive results, Twitter lead generation marketing campaigns should focus on four elements: geolocation, keyword targeting, social listening, and response time.

Crowdsourcing to Get Ideas, and Perhaps Save Money” (New York Times)

Keeping your business brand robust and relevant requires innovation, and nothing sparks innovation like good old-fashioned collaborating. Check out the following success stories to discover ways in which crowdsourcing (and other similar platforms) can breathe new life into your business.