Social analytics company Simply Measured recently released a benchmark report revealing that Twitter engagement increased by 105 percent year over year for the fourth quarter of 2014 (measured across the top 100 interbrand global companies). This recent shift indicates that Twitter could be turning the corner in the area of digital marketing, with Tweeters increasingly using this forum to successfully promote brand marketing initiatives.

According to author and digital brand strategist Jeff Bullas, the increased engagement rate shows that more users are not only moving toward increased Twitter use but are looking to engage with their favorite brands on this particular network. Thus, in a marketing environment where small businesses are trying to maximize their limited marketing dollars, Twitter needs to enter the social media strategy conversation.

There are several other indicators that suggest that small businesses need to stay on top of their Twitter efforts.

  • Users are increasingly using “buy buttons,” which enable them to make purchases while still on their Twitter feed. This opens up more opportunity for small business marketers to link their marketing efforts with direct sales.
  • There has been an increase in available visuals that can be used on the Twitter feed, including photos and videos. This enables small businesses to build a more engaging (and memorable) forum for users.
  • There has been an increase in the number of Twitter ads of late.
  • In addition, recent experimentation with promoted Tweets has been shown to be helpful in attracting a wider audience base, enabling small businesses to reach specific demographics more easily.

Simply Measured reported that businesses of all types are taking stock of reports like its benchmark analysis to gain insight into what methods can help them to improve their social media marketing ROI. Additionally, marketing experts point out that there are tools available that provide a solid starting point for businesses wanting to increase their Twitter marketing success. Twitter is definitely more relevant these days and needs to be considered as a viable marketing tool.


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