A recent survey by MarketingCharts probed to find out what motivates consumers to open brand emails to get a better handle on how to improve open rates. The research team approached the subject from three angles:

  • An overview of the influence of email on consumers today
  • U.S. consumers’ attitudes toward email marketing
  • Analysis of reasons consumers open emails

What follows are some of the main topics covered in the Debrief based on that survey:

  • Email as a vehicle for brand engagement
  • Why consumers opt in to receive brand emails
  • The frequency by which consumers want to be emailed
  • How often they open brand emails
  • Reasons subscriber segments open brand emails
  • Consumers’ thoughts on personalized subject lines and timing
  • The importance of optimizing emails for mobile

The data was gathered using SurveyMonkey’s Audience panel and the Debrief consists of 22 easy-to-access charts and tables. Learn more about the Debrief.


Debrief: Why Consumers Open Brand Emails. Marketingcharts.com. January 2015.