Twitter Branded StickersTwitter launched Stickers in June, so users can overlay their tweeted photos with little shapes (like hearts or hats) or emojis (see our article on emoji marketing). Now the social site is selling Promoted Stickers, branded emojis for product fans. Pepsi bought the first round, with nearly 50 custom stickers to run in 10 markets around the world.

According to the Twitter announcement, the usual Stickers deal will be four to eight stickers. Stickers will “act as a visual hashtag, meaning that photos with your brand’s sticker will be connected and discoverable to anyone who taps your brand’s sticker,” says the announcement. “This allows a brand to see and engage with the people who are using their stickers in creative ways.” Twitter is rolling out Promoted Stickers to select marketers.

Twitter has been lucky with emojis. According to Adweek, the site sold million-dollar emoji deals to big brands for the last Super Bowl, not stickers but little branded icons that users could insert in their tweets.