More and more mothers of young children are running successful businesses on Facebook. It’s no wonder since, according to a recent report from Experian, these moms are more active on social media channels as compared to the rest of the general population. Many of these women are not only using social media to stay in touch with friends and family, but are also selling products.

Experts agree that their success is due in part to getting their products in front of the right target audience – other moms who look to their peers for product information and recommendations. In fact, a survey of Internet-using moms in the U.S. by EXPO, found that moms are 12 times more likely to trust reviews by other consumers versus manufacturer descriptions.

Facebook monetizing apps, like Soldsie, also help by offering the convenience of purchasing directly on Facebook as opposed to taking customers to another site and through a cumbersome check-out process.

An added benefit to mompreneurs building successful businesses on Facebook is the ability to set their own work schedules, creating a more balanced home and work life.

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