If you run a small business, maybe you’ve realized that your prospects and clients just don’t want to connect with you the way they used to. But it’s not about you – it’s about them.

For many clients, the U.S. mail has become unreliable, and they just don’t want the hassle of finding envelopes, licking stamps, or going to the post office.

Many have disconnected their landlines, and they’re reluctant to pick up a cellphone call knowing they may be getting spammed.

And they’re understandably reluctant, with COVID-19 still on their minds, to come to your place of business or have your staff inside their homes.

So, what’s the answer? Today’s clients expect you to do business the way they want to do it, which means connecting with them electronically via their smartphone and computer.

But I don’t mean just sending them a few promotional messages. I mean getting your client’s data into an online database or client portal, where your client can see their personal info when they want to see it. For example, their account info or job info and their estimates or invoices due.

Furthermore, you should have an automated way to send them the key info when they need it, such as time-sensitive items like appointment reminders or requests for reviews after a job has been completed.

Luckily, Thryv has built a simple affordable piece of software that enables you to do all this.

Now, Let’s Connect

Thryv has also created an entire conference, called Connect20, to help you learn how to modernize your business – and I mean more than just how to use the software.

Thryv Connect20 features world-renowned speakers on topics including:

  • Raising money
  • Deciding whether you should start an independent business or a franchise
  • Learning basic financial skills (so you know if you’re really making money)
  • Building a small business brand

Connect20 features many big-name speakers, such as Bar Rescue TV’s Jon Taffer, Vice TV’s Scott Galloway (author of The Four and Algebra of Happiness), FastSigns CEO Catherine Monson, and Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio (a company that facilitated over $8 billion in government PPP loans).

But the event also features many real-life small business stars, entrepreneurs like Alexandra McKeown, who runs Hyperion Brewery in Jacksonville, and Heather Saffer, who scored an investment from Barbara Corcoran on TV’s Shark Tank for her baking business, Dollop Gourmet.

In addition, Connect20 offers lots of personalized networking. You can speak individually with other entrepreneurs who may be facing similar challenges as you. You can also meet in small groups with the Thryv staff. You’ll get individual attention enabling you to learn to use today’s software.

Connect20 will be held Nov. 10-11. It’s a virtual conference (it’s all online), so you can listen in to the sessions you want and duck out for a few minutes if you need to a break. But don’t leave for long, because we’ll also have some great musical entertainment during the breaks.

Hope you enjoy – and click here to save your seat for Thryv Connect20.