According to research conducted by the cloud and communication services company Cbeyond, more and more small business owners believe mobile devices and solutions have become integral into how they conduct business and that they make their lives easier.

The study, conducted with more than 700 business executives whose companies employ 250 or fewer, revealed that more than 40 percent think that trying to operate their businesses without mobile devices and services would have a significant negative impact. A third offered that they would not be able to do business without them.

Small businesses have turned to mobile technology – defined as tablets, smartphones, and other devices – in order to allow work to be carried on at any time from any location, even while on vacation.

According to Bill Thomson, senior director of product management at Cbeyond, “Small and medium-sized businesses have clearly confirmed the growing importance of mobile services…when it comes to operating their business…to ensure that they are serving their customers and prospects with the highest possible quality and responsiveness.”

Among those responding, over half said they plan to increase spending on new technology during the coming year, including mobile services. In addition, small business owners are investing in social media, citing it as vital to company growth.

“Most interestingly, rather than accepting restrictions, small- and medium-sized businesses are increasingly adopting technology and communication solutions — such as mobility and consumer-driven social media — that enable them to break free of traditional boundaries in order to compete and remain successful,” says Paul Carmody, chief marketing officer at Cbeyond.


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