As consumers begin using their mobile devices for more day-to-day tasks, and with greater frequency at home (currently 25 percent of time spent with digital devices is in the home), the role that these appliances play in sales conversions is becoming increasingly more apparent and important.

According to a study conducted by AOL and the University of Virginia’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, sales conversions on mobile devices are at 31 percent, and this is across all advertising platforms.

Says Chad Gallagher, director of mobile at AOL Networks, “What we’re learning is that consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices in much the same way they do with their computers when they’re at home.”

Gallagher goes on to say that “…with a quarter of all digital time spent on smartphones and tablets at home, marketers…can’t afford to run desktop-only campaigns anymore.”

It is now estimated that a quarter of the time spent online at home is with mobile devices and, with a 65 percent rate, tablets are playing the greatest role in sales conversions.

William Scherer, a professor with the Department of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Virginia says, “…we’re beginning to get a much clearer view of how consumers are interacting with Internet-connected devices.”

The findings of the study were taken from data analysis of more than 500 billion online ad impressions and 100 million conversions from tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones.


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