According to a November 2014 study by the cloud computing company SalesForce, mobile marketing initiatives increased by double to 46 percent over the previous year. In addition, 70 percent of respondents identified this platform as a key driver in sales of products and services (an increase of almost 15 percent), and close to two-thirds thought mobile generated, or will generate, a significant return on their investment.

Mobile marketing campaigns centered on loyalty programs (more than a third reported using this strategy), which delivered rewards for marketers’ efforts as they earned the top spot for marketing effectiveness. Right behind this were the rate of return of mobile exclusive offers followed closely by win-back and conversation as tied to keyword campaigns.

In a complementary study by the information technology research and advisory company 451 Research, it was learned that loyalty centric apps that tracked activity and offered rewards based on them were delivering tangible results with more than 35 percent of smart phone users collecting or redeeming points through their smart phones. Another 20+ percent said they have an interest in trying one.

Both studies point to the effectiveness of integrated mobile marketing loyalty programs in developing a strong and responsive customer base.


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