According to recent research conducted by InsightExpress for eMarketer, almost 56 percent of marketing professionals across the globe intend to increasing their spending on brand awareness over the next 12 months. InsightExpress is a key provider of media analytics and marketing accountability solutions intended for the brand marketing professional.

The research, conducted in August 2014, looked at and “compared with a little over four in 10 marketing professionals” who indicated that they planned on increasing spending on demand generations, according to

According to the research, just about 56 percent of all eMarketer Daily Newsletter readers, as well as visitors to, indicated that they were planning on spending more on their branding-related activities over the next year. Another 27 percent of the respondents in these two groups said they planned on maintaining their current spending levels.

Brand awareness, when compared to other areas, including demand gen, global business expansion efforts, and spending on events, measured as a higher priority for the audience. In fact, none of these other areas revealed a majority response to spend more.

eMarketer Daily Newsletter readers in both Latin America and Asia Pacific were likelier than the average respondent to indicate that they planned to increase their spending on brand awareness. A total of 59 percent of respondents in Latin America and 60.6 percent of the respondents Asia Pacific said that they intended to conduct planning to increase their spending in brand awareness. Demand generation also achieved what described as a “bare majority” in these regions, noting that the marketers in these regions also planned on increasing spending in this area in the next year.

Marketers in Canada were the least likely group to indicate that they would be increasing their spending on branding; however, over a good amount—51.1 percent—of the marketers did indicated that they would be increasing spending in this area. Demand generation spending increases were also lower in Canada than any other areas in which participants responded, with just 33.7 percent of the responses indicating plans to increase demand generation spending.

In all, the findings suggest, wrote, digital display spending has a bright future with marketers saying they will be increasing brand awareness in the coming 12 months. Digital display spending is a key component of online branding activities.