Marketing investments this year have been greater than initially expected, in part due to optimum performance seen with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC advertising includes text advertising, remarketing, and mobile ads, according to

Research also suggests these findings will likely lead to increased spending levels in 2016. In fact, Hanapin Marketing indicates that the majority of United States professionals are pleased with the way in which PPC advertising has worked out, to date. For example, in August, almost eight in 10 marketers asked indicated that PPC success was “really good.” The remaining 20 percent rated PPC success as “fair.” What’s more, a good majority rated this year’s PPC market better than the PPC market in 2014.

The most important PPC channels for advertisers, according to Hanapin Marketing’s “The State of PPC” survey dated October 7, 2015, based on preference percentage of U.S. brand and agency professionals, as of 2015 are:

  • Text ads: 90 percent
  • Remarketing ads: 80 percent
  • Mobile ads: 71 percent
  • Display network ads: 54 percent
  • Shopping: 48 percent
  • Social Network ads: 40 percent
  • Programmaic: 33 percent
  • Native: 25 percent

In other words, respondents indicated that text ads were their key format, followed by remarketing and mobile ads. Although email and PPC ads, described as “unsexy” by, deliver meaningful results for marketers and routinely rank high when it comes to spending priorities.

Hanapin indicated that most—75 percent—of the respondents to its survey indicated plans to increase spending on AdWords in the following year; 60 percent intend to spend more on Bing ads, according to eMarketer.

This April, the Relevancy Group found that 72 percent of U.S. marketing executives considered paid search one of two of their most efficacious ways in which to deliver revenue results, according to a survey that included traditional media and digital. In another survey conducted in November 2014 by Webmarketing123, over half of the business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers surveyed indicated that they could show a clear return on investments (ROI) from paid search, which is greater than any other digital channel mentioned, concluded.


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