According to a new study from the market research firm YouGov, 85 percent of adults in the United States participate in at least one of the social networking platforms. The survey was conducted between December 19 – 22 2014, and gathered data from more than 2300 adults aged eighteen and older.

The study found that Facebook is still the leader as the preferred social network with 75 percent of those surveyed saying they were members. The next closest were

  • Twitter – 31 percent;
  • Google+ – 29 percent; and
  • LinkedIn – 28 percent.

Pinterest and Instagram followed with 18 and 13 percent respectively.

When gender was examined –

  • Women outnumbered men on Facebook 80 to 70 percent;
  • Men preferred Google+ 31 percent to 28 and LinkedIn 30 to 25; while
  • Twitter usage was almost evenly split;

Pinterest and Instagram slanted heavily towards women by almost a three to one margin.

When age was factored in, Facebook crossed all lines, with seventy percent or more from every age group participating. Twitter and Google+ skewed strongly towards the 18 to 34 group at 41 percent; LinkedIn was favored by the 35 to 54 group; and those 55+ had almost sixty percent combined participation in Google+ and LinkedIn.


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