With more than 91 percent of mobile users stating that they have their phones within reach at all times and approximately 75 percent admitting they even take their phones with them to the bathroom, it is no wonder locally-focused marketing is predicted to become the biggest trend to hit the tech world since the smart phone itself.

Other eye-opening statistics that give further credence to this prediction are as follows:

  • Of all consumers who search for a local business via their smart device, 88 percent will visit that same business within 24 hours
  • Consumers redeem mobile coupons 10 times more than traditional printed or web coupons
  • 95 percent of consumers open coupons delivered via text message within five minutes of receiving
  • 22 percent of consumers share mobile coupons with their friends
  • 11 percent of companies have stated that in the future, they will hire a dedicated social media expert

In conclusion, hotel giant Ritz-Carlton has seen great success using locally-focused marketing with its mobile app that provides information on nearby attractions like restaurants, local tours and hotel specific information all based on the guest’s GPS location.


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