During the COVID-19 “stay home” orders from state and local officials, businesses are coming up with creative, virtual ways to adapt their services.

But for many animal services businesses, it’s hard to work with animals when you can’t…well, work with animals. Hands-on offerings like daycare, grooming, and veterinary services require more close interaction than many people are comfortable with right now.

SoCal K9 Training, a California-based dog training business, typically offers in-home, group, and one-on-one training for dogs in the area. Unfortunately, social distancing guidelines forced them to temporarily stop in-home and group classes until the quarantine is over.

So they got creative.

Offering Virtual and Social Distancing Training Courses

The business (and Thryv power user) needed to adapt their training courses. They considered each service they offered, and they found a way to continue offering it with social distancing in mind. They:

  • Canceled in-home and group training
  • Adjusted all one-on-one appointments to be outside, conducted at a minimum of 6 feet apart
  • Bgan offering phone and online training
  • Took this chance to promote their unique rattlesnake avoidance training, which can be done at a safe social distance

To make it easy for clients to continue working with them, they enabled online booking of their updated services. They’re now using online scheduling to clarify what they’re able to offer, show pricing, and communicate how long each service lasts. Clients can schedule training right there on their website.

SoCal K9 Training also needed to get the message out, so they shared the changes on their website and social media pages.

Check out their creativity. Not only are they promoting their services, they’re also sharing fun and helpful tips to stay top of mind.