Facebook Local SearchFacebook has announced that it has renamed its mobile app “Nearby” to “Local Search” in iOS. This tool allows users to find restaurants and other local businesses their friends have checked into and/or liked. Now what does this mean for your business? It means that if you are a retail or brick and mortar destination business you’ll want to make sure your Facebook business page is optimized to be found. The more complete and accurate your business page’s information is, the better your chances are of showing up in Facebook’s Local Search.

Facebook Business Page DetailsHere’s how to make sure your business page is complete:

  • Review your location details: Make sure that your address and basic business information is correct. This is key to ensuring that your business shows up correctly in Facebook’s “Local Search” tool.
  • About section: Make sure your “About” section is complete by adding your business description, website links,  and business type (subcategories also). The category and subcategories are important because you need to make sure your business can be found in the correct places.
  • Images: Make sure that your default/profile image is of your business or related to your business. That way consumers know who you are. Be sure to have a cover image for your page. We recommend using a photo of your business or of what you sell.

Facebook Business Page Tips

Facebook business page tips for “Local Search”:

  • Ratings and recommendations: Stay on top of your business’s ratings. If you currently do not have any, encourage your loyal consumers to review you. The benefit of this is that the highest rated businesses are listed at the top of Facebook’s “Local Search” Also, encourage your fans to leave recommendations on your Facebook page because these will also show up on “Local Search.”
  • Be consistent: Make sure that your business is consistent in your messaging and posting; that way consumers know what your business is all about. This also encourages a stronger fan base, and more engagement. Also stay consistent in how often you are posting; that way your business continually stays in your fans feeds.
  • Check ins: Encourage people to check in at your business, the more check ins, the better chance to be found in “Local Search.”