As social media continues to deliver measurable success, SMBs are increasing their investments in this marketing tool. In a recently released study conducted by Social Media University (April 2014), almost 55% of small and medium business marketers are putting more funds into social media platforms this year.

However, this is not the only area that is garnering additional resources – close to 75% of respondents have allocated more time to social media efforts, with most of this time being spent on content and strategy development taking. However, these efforts are not exercises in futility as 77% said that the time and effort being invested is producing tangible results.

The continued growth of social media has it firmly ensconced as a part of the marketing landscape. So much so that in May of 2014, Social Media Examiner reported in its survey of social media marketers that 81% of respondents said that marketing through social media platforms was now fully integrated with their traditional marketing strategies.


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