When running your business, are you jumping between apps to follow every conversation? Do you miss messages regularly? Spend your nights and weekends playing catch-up? Help is here: Welcome to Thryv® Command Center.

Finally, there’s a centralized inbox that keeps every conversation flowing into one easy-to-follow discussion thread.

Whether messages are coming from Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs, phone calls, webchat, Gmail, Outlook, or other places, you’ve only got to log into one inbox to find them all.

Plus, Thryv Command Center includes voice and video calls with a dedicated business line, as well as TeamChat to improve staff collaboration.

That’s three incredibly powerful tools all in one center. And the best part? It’s free* to use — forever.

So let’s break down how Thryv Command Center works:

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Centralized Inbox

With all of your messages flowing into one discussion thread, you’ll never miss another message. You can connect conversations from 12+ channels into the discussion thread so you’ll see every conversation in one place — no other tool on the market does that.

But there’s more to communication that just a centralized inbox. You’ll be able to respond faster to eager customers and meet them where they are, whether that’s on a video call, email, or social messages.

With Thryv Command Center, you can also:

  • Pin and label important messages to find and filter them easily.
  • Review all files and attachments across all channels, in one chronological view.
  • Add files and photos to your conversations.
  • Use emojis and GIFs to keep things lively.

It only takes a few minutes to connect your channels, and you can start sending messages right away.

Voice & Video Calls

We all know that no business can really survive without a business phone line, but what if that was amped up to include not only voice, but video calls and automatically transcribes voicemails as well? (And yes, this is part of that free deal!)

So, next time someone contacts you via webchat on your website about an emergency, instead of driving across town, just press one button and your’re in a video call. Best of all, your personal number is hidden and protected.

Whether you want to use this dedicated business line for voice calls or video chats, you’ll do it all from one place — which also happens to be where your social messages and emails live. No more jumping between apps.

With Thryv Command Center, calls are easier than ever:

  • Get a dedicated business line (voice, video calls). This number can be used by everyone in your business, so you never miss another phone call just because you’re busy or unavailable.
  • Access voicemails in the same place as your email, social, phone, video, and webchat.
  • Get searchable voicemail transcripts for anything you may have missed.

With the calls feature, you’ll be assigned a phone number within your area code (or a neighboring area code if no numbers are available). Then, follow the simple prompts to register your number to connect your calls channel. Now, you can instantly make calls from your Command Center.


Yes, there’s more. If you want an easy way to stay connected with your team, TeamChat is your answer. Whether you want to send direct messages or set up a group chat, TeamChat makes it easy, with some cool bonus features.

With TeamChat, you can use hashtags to organize chat topics and communication channels so it’s easy to find information.

Sometimes it’s easier to communicate with photos rather than words, right? Whether it’s the job site, identifying problems or before and after photos, TeamChat makes it easy to collaborate and stay connected. Plus, you can mark up and send photos to the team to keep everyone in the loop on projects and jobs.

You can also use TeamChat on desktop or utilize the Thryv Command Center app.

No matter which way you use it, Thryv Command Center makes team collaboration easy by letting you:

  • Send direct messages and set up group chats for real-time updates.
  • Organize chats to find and share information quickly.
  • Mark up photos and send attachments to keep everyone in the loop, in the office or the field.

If you’re ready to master your messages, stay connected to customers and prospects and fire up your team, now’s the time to give Thryv® Command Center a try. Visit us now to get started and use Command Center, free forever.

*Free plans have limited functionality. Upgraded plans with more functionality are available for a fee. See https://www.thryv.com/pricing for plan and pricing details.

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