With so many ways to advertise, marketing your business can be overwhelming, whether you’re considering print ads, billboards or web advertising. And that’s just naming a few.

If you want to get your business noticed today, you have to be online. That means using platforms like Google, Facebook and streaming services to reach customers where they spend most of their time.

At Thryv, we’re constantly working to provide better tools for our customers. And after conducting research with 500 small businesses about their marketing efforts, we learned that one of their biggest challenges is not knowing where or how their marketing dollars are working.

So we did what we do best, and launched the solution. 

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The best marketing efforts will connect potential customers to your business, but that takes more than simply printing a yard sign or setting up a Facebook page.

In fact, it’s impossible to identify which of your marketing strategies are working if you’re unable to pinpoint what made your customers say yes to your business in the first place.

Thryv Marketing Center provides everything a small business needs to not only attract new customers but effectively market and grow their business all at the same time.

Let’s look at a few of the exciting ways Marketing Center puts control back into your hands.

Know Who Your Customers Are

Website Heatmap

How often do you look at your website analytics? If CTRs, bounce rates and other technical terms send your brain into a web of confusion, you’re not alone. Business owners everywhere pick up these reports hoping for insight into how their website is performing. But they are often left with even more questions than they started with.

Information is power. That’s exactly why Marketing Center uses a Website Heatmap. This tool helps you identify which areas of your website are gaining the most engagement — and which areas need improvement.

Thryv Marketing Center

For example, if your nail salon has reached a record high with 50 appointments booked online this month, you are going to be overjoyed. But if you look at the heatmap performance on your website and find 300 potential shoppers who spent time exploring the services offered page of your website, that tells another story.

Now you’re recognizing the 250 missed opportunities to showcase the amazing work you do and bring in that added revenue.

Based on what the heatmap shows, you might want to try adding pricing or pictures. Placed properly, they’ll encourage newbies to set an appointment. Maybe after a second glance, you realize that your booking button is nearly camouflaged.

With the heatmap, you’re able to identify successes, make adjustments and monitor the growth these changes bring.

Consider this step one in getting the results you desire.

Online Listing Management

As a business owner, you know that getting your business discovered is key for on-going success. The second you find out about a new online location to showcase your business, you’re hopping on it. But what about the upkeep?

Maintaining your online listings might not be the first thing on your mind, but it’s an important aspect of your online presence that you cannot ignore. That’s why Thryv helps owners ensure their business is properly listed on these sites.

Within Marketing Center, businesses are able to manage all their listings in one place while boosting their profile’s strength with our new Enhanced Profiles.

With this feature boost, businesses can add up to 8 images to be shared across the listings, where images are allowed. This means control and consistency is all within arms reach for the business owner.

Toggling these enhanced features on and off for any reason can be done within Marketing Center. And Thryv’s partnership with NextDoor allows your business’s listing to appear on the NextDoor app and website as a native ad.

Similarly, Yahoo listings will have native preferred placement. This means you’ll reach engaged viewers across Yahoo placements and their exclusive partners, like MSN and Apple News.

This major move means small businesses can better compete with their big-box contenders.

Modern Small Business Playbook

Modern Small
Business Playbook

Modernize your business, get paid faster and win more customers.

Competitor Tracking

What if I told you, there was a cheat sheet to success? While we can’t pop your business to the top of the search results, we can give you the tools to get there.

Thryv Marketing Center

Aren’t you tired of being beaten out by the competition? It’s time to start playing their game.

With Marketplace, you can add three of your competitors and discover which keywords are working for them. Then, you can use those keywords and fight for that market share.

Now, when you’re launching a marketing campaign, you will have real data to see how much budget you need to compete and win against the competition. We’ll dig into how to work your marketing campaign shortly, so stay with us.

Trackable Phone Numbers

Being in control of your marketing means knowing where your clients are coming from. It’s time to stop guessing about what’s working. Trackable numbers are just one more way to keep an eye on your advertising efforts.

Thryv Marketing Center users can generate up to five unique call tracking numbers. The best part, you can refresh the number every 24 hours. This is perfect for running 24-hour specials or just in case you’re not a fan of the number you generated.

Attach it to everything from yard signs to billboards to social campaigns to direct mail pieces. You’ll know exactly where your customers are coming from based on the number they call.

This is vital information because when a billboard ad costs $1,000 monthly but only brings in 3 customers, yet you spend $500 on a social campaign and bring in 10 new client each week, you’re able to quickly identify which is a better use of money when it comes to winning new customers.

In this case, it might make sense to pour your effort into social spending and swap out the billboard ad for another marketing effort.

Understand Your Complete Customer Journey

Visitor Tagging

Don’t you wish you knew which customers were doing what? While you can’t attach a name to every interaction, with Marketing Center’s visitor tagging, you can identify which people become customers by tagging their devices.

Thryv Marketing Center

If device 8623 has found its way onto your website from a particular platform, like Facebook, multiple times, that’s information that will pay off. You now know that your Facebook marketing efforts are continuously drawing customers back to your website.

It’s good to understand where you’re being discovered online so you can know where to target customers in the future and better optimize those efforts.


If you’re a number cruncher, this next feature is good news for you. Our analytics page got a major boost. With Marketing Center, your business’s reporting data will be available in one place. This includes everything from website analytics to campaign reporting to Google Business Profile progress.

Multiple channels of analytics housed in one spot means you and your staff save time and can see how everything is performing within a keystroke.

Build Campaigns That Work

Campaign Creation

Building ad campaigns is time consuming, to say the least, but nothing works better to bring in fresh, new customers.

Thryv Marketing Center

If you’re a business that is not running ad campaigns, then you are likely unaware of the labor that goes into building a single campaign — let alone recreating that campaign on multiple platforms.

Filling out lengthy forms is tedious and learning how to navigate each site is a learning curve. With Thryv Marketing Center, you can run your ads and skip the headache.

You can easily launch ad campaigns across multiple platforms like, Google, Facebook, Hulu and more. The best part: You just need to answer a few short questions.

Users can also manage and adjust their campaign spending to make sure they’re remaining competitive without pouring money down the drain. Pause campaigns when you need to catch up on all your leads and start them up again all from one login.

Marketing Center is another Thryv solution that levels the playing field. It gives your small business the tools to compete like one of the big brands. It’s the flexibility and control you need.

Currently, Marketing Center is available as an add-on to the Thryv platform for $199 per month. Contact our support team for a demo of Thryv Marketing Center today!

Modern Small Business Playbook

Modern Small
Business Playbook

Modernize your business, get paid faster and win more customers.