The first Facebook “Fit” for Small Business officially kicked off earlier this week in New York City. The event opened with a short video featuring CEO Mark Zuckerberg who thanked small to medium sized business owners and reminded them of their importance to Facebook.

In addition, there were informative breakout sessions hosted by sponsors Square, Legalzoom and QuickBooks and a panel discussion with experienced small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) who utilize Facebook. Throughout the event, attendees were encouraged to engage and network with one another underscoring the company’s belief that small businesses learn best from each other.

More than 30 million SMBs have active pages on Facebook and of these, 1 million use Facebook advertising tools at least once per month.

One of the biggest draws for SMBs is the ability to reach customers with both broad and targeted ads and posts. Facebook Director of Small Business Dan Levy said, “Obviously it works. That’s why they keep coming back. Over 70 percent of our customers start out with a boosted post, which is part of what we call our Lightweight Interface. Anybody can use that option, and many are small businesses.” He further stated that Facebook is committed to investing in mobile tools as they are becoming increasingly crucial for service businesses who are on the go and not stuck behind a counter all day.

Interested in learning what Facebook tools can do for your business? Attend a Facebook Fit event in your area. Tickets are only $25 but make sure you book early as space is limited. The nationwide tour heads next to Miami on Thursday June 19.


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