It’s been a banner year for Thryv. We continue to win awards for our small business technology solutions, and our experts are shining in the spotlight. In case you missed Thryv’s recent news features, we’ve gathered them here for easy access. Happy reading!

The Business Journals: 8 Simple, Practical Ways to Provide a Better Customer Experience

Grant Freeman, Thryv’s Chief Customer Officer, provides his thoughts on what makes a positive customer experience, alongside seven of his peers. He discusses the important role automatic communications can play in retaining customers.

Automating tasks or customer interactions that don’t need manual intervention (such as online appointment scheduling) also helps small businesses free up employees for more strategic needs, he says.

Bloomberg Modernization Roadshow: Architecting the Future of Your Business

This roundtable session explores how companies can create a secure, integrated hybrid cloud environment that extends the value of their technology investments. The session also covered how companies could accelerate their abilities to respond to market shifts and customer demands.

John Manaloor, Thryv’s Associate Vice President for Product Engineering, describes how Thryv makes technology solutions for small business that business owners can use to compete with larger players.

Small business, he says, is entering the golden age of moving from rudimentary technology to the cloud.

Forbes: Leveraging Technology to Maximize Efficiencies: Cloud-Based Platforms

Thryv’s Chairman & CEO and Forbes Business Council member, Joe Walsh, shares his thoughts about finding efficiencies and making changes that can prepare small businesses for the current climate as well as the future.

One change many small businesses are pursuing is a move to cloud-based business platforms for possible cost and operation efficiencies.

According to Flexera’s State of the Cloud report, 45% of small- and medium-sized businesses spend up to $1.2 million on public clouds annually. That cloud migration, Walsh says, is the defining trend for small businesses this decade.

Talking With Experts Podcast: This Is How You Improve Your Customer Experience

Talking With Experts Podcast host Chris Cownden speaks with Thryv’s Chief Product Officer Ryan Cantor, about growing successfully through a product transformation.

He talks about how Thryv evolved from the Yellow Pages to website development, and then again into today’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) company.

Throughout these transformations, Thryv dug deep into its customer knowledge to develop technology solutions specifically for small business. That, Cantor says, is why Thryv was able to halt a decline in business, and instead gain 50,000 subscribers within just six years.

TD Ameritrade’s Morning Trade Live: Building a Better Inbox and a New Google Partnership

Thryv Chairman & CEO Joe Walsh talks with Morning Trade Live host Oliver Renick about how Thryv was able to bump up higher-than-expected returns in the second quarter.

According to Walsh, a wave of small businesses is moving to cloud-computing software systems. It’s a wave the Thryv SaaS solution is perfectly positioned to meet and has been able to capitalize on.

He also shares details of Thryv’s recent Alphabet/Google collaboration to enhance Thryv’s Centralized Inbox feature. Centralized Inbox consolidates all client communications in one place, regardless of channel.

Forbes: How Small- And Medium-Sized Businesses Can Combat Inflation With Tech Upgrades

In another Forbes article, author Gary Drenik interviews Joe Walsh about the effects of inflation on our small business audience.

Small businesses felt more of inflation’s effects that may not affect larger, more insulated companies as quickly. As Americans tighten their wallets prior to the next recession, small businesses are using technology to help create efficiencies across their operations.

Smaller businesses are rapidly moving to cloud-based platforms to handle some of their hard-to-staff manual tasks, spurred on by tight labor markets.

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