ConversionsOn any business website, there is always room to improve low conversion rates.  There are many factors that influence visitor behavior, and a simple change can make a large impact on your conversion rates.  Below are some steps that can help improve your conversion rates.

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BIGGER is Better

A lot of websites make the mistake of assuming that their visitors know exactly what to do once they get there.  The truth is, most of your visitors do not know what you want them to do.  One simple solution is to make your calls to action BIG.  If you are selling a product make sure the BUY NOW button is big.  If you are collecting emails make sure your email subscription field is big.  If your goal is to simply get your customers to give you a call make sure your phone number is nice and big.  As an exercise, take all of your calls to action and make them twice as big as they are currently.  Wait a couple of days and see if your conversion rates increase.

Less is More

Having a website is a great medium to allow your customers to get to know who you are and what you do.  Your message becomes convoluted when you overload your webpage with too many things the visitor can do. Providing too many options and multiple calls to action on any given page can create big dropouts from your main conversion funnel.  There is a lot of competition online for user attention.  Make sure your site does not have elements that distract visitors from completing an important conversion.  To improve conversion rates, simplify your check out process, present only the products and services that matter, and remove calls to action that interrupt your conversion flow. One main call to action per page is the way to go.

KISS (Keep It Super Simple)

KISS is an old principle that says that simplicity is key to success.  Stay away from hard to read graphical text, difficult navigation, and confusing industry-related jargon.  Gravitate towards large fonts, easy navigation, and short concise copy writing.  As a rule of thumb, you should accomplish conversion goals in fewer than three steps.  If any of your conversion processes take more than three steps, re-evaluate, simplify, retest.

Have you found ways to improve conversion rates on your business website? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.