What is Vine?

Vine is a social sharing app that captures 6 seconds of video at a time using a stop and go capture method that makes compilation videos quick and easy. Vine is owned by Twitter and was launched in early 2013. When Vine was first launched it was only available to iOS users and it recently became available to Android users as well. Vine is expected to grow very quickly due to this latest change.

Vine is changing the way people see social video sharing – and there is a huge opportunity for businesses to jump on board.

Marketing your business on Vine:

  • Product Demonstration: Think of a creative way to feature your products on Vine. The videos are short but the message can be very powerful if done correctly. Think outside of the box!
  • Product launch or new service: If you have a new product, started a new service or are featuring a new flavor, Vine is the perfect place to show your customers. Note: Be sure to communicate the key features and points due to limitation on time.
  • Humanize your business: Transparency is one of the major components of building trust with your customers. Feature short interviews with employees, or share interesting facts about your company’s history on Vine.
  • Promotions: Use Vine to share promotions, sales, deals and coupons with your fans. Entice your fans with a video that will give them a call to action to come visit you!
  • Crowd participation: The highest form of engagement in social media is crowd participation. Encouraging users to respond to your question or submit their own videos is an effective way to accomplish this.

Vine Features

The use of Vine is free, but it requires that you to open an account (using your email address or Twitter credentials). The number of videos you can upload on the platform is unlimited. With Vine you can add a geolocation tag and caption to your videos. You can also share videos instantly on Facebook or Twitter. And it’s easy to integrate third party web pages  with an embed code.