With widespread shelter-in-place orders and others self quarantining, it’s no surprise many people are feeling a little…cooped up. The good news is even if consumers are stuck at home, many are still able to enjoy hobbies like spending time in the great outdoors, given they still practice social distancing.

In our neighborhood, many people are outside walking several times a day. Many are hanging out on their porches or working in their garages. Others are working in their yards.

Cater Your Business to Stuck-at-home Consumers

Most businesses that require close human interaction have already shifted their services to delivery, curbside pickup, and take-out (if they’re able to). But even if you don’t run a restaurant, there are other ways to adjust your business model in light of the pandemic.

Thryv user Bloomin’ Crazy Nursery and More in North Carolina noticed the spike in outdoor activities thanks to COVID-19, and they adapted quickly. They implemented quick changes to keep their business open and continue to provide clients a constructive hobby during this time.

What they say worked:

  • Placing a 4-person limit inside their store to enforce social distancing standards
  • Taking pick-up orders over the phone
  • Offering no contact curbside pickup

How can your business get creative with your offerings?

  • Repackage your supplies. Many restaurants have created new “family style” meals for at-home families. Others are selling meal kits that include uncooked ingrediants people can make at home.
  • Add a new service. If you typically provide in-home handyman services, promote your external/outside services more heavily during this time.
  • Make your core service offering safer. Give additional personal protective equipment to your technicians, and schedule in-home visits where no physical interaction is required. Add a final disinfectant to all projects for free.