How Consumers Choose an AttorneyUnderstanding how consumers are searching for your firm is critical to understanding where to place your advertising dollars. SuperMedia recently commissioned two studies conducted by independent research firms designed to understand media use among consumers seeking an attorney or law firm.  This study investigates how consumers search, what media they use and the effectiveness of each type of media.

In addition, legal specialties are discussed relative to the consumers’ media preferences. Do people search differently for a family law attorney compared to an estate planner or a Social Security specialist? Is someone calling from an ad in the yellow pages more or less likely to hire an attorney than someone searching on the Internet? Based on interviews among those who actually hired an attorney and those who did not, the paper explains how well different media converted searchers to clients.

This is one in a series of white papers that will be released over the coming months related specifically to attorneys. The others will focus on specialties, media types, demographic profiles, etc. There will also be findings from the attorney’s point of view, based on a study conducted among attorneys.

The studies looked at:

  • which types of media sources consumers are using to find attorneys
  • which media type is more likely to lead to new clients
  • which media type was the most effective
  • which media type most influenced their purchase decision

Download our free white paper to see the findings from these studies: Attorneys and Media Use, What Media Do Consumers Use When Seeking Attorneys? A Market Intel Report from SuperMedia.