Mobile Technology in Your BusinessSo you have this device in your hand that is more powerful than the computer in your office. You can make calls, check your email, play games, now what?

I came across an interesting use of an iPad this week when I went to a pie shop here in Dallas. They were using the iPad as a solution to check inventory, to check people out, and they were able to email or print out a receipt for the customer. This type of approach enables the business to not only have one device that can handle most of their business functions, but they are also able to interconnect those functions because they are on a single device that can easily travel with them. Not only is this environmentally friendly by allowing the business to email receipts to customers, but they also now have a list of customer emails to send out marketing information about upcoming events.

I have seen a similar approach used by another business to help boost their reviews on social and local search pages. Having a tablet available for your customers to leave reviews after they have tried your product enables you to build your reputation in social and local search that your business can be proud of.

There are new apps releasing daily that can help you with your business, and many of them even connect with existing account/inventory systems you already have in place. I have even started to see suppliers with apps that enable small businesses to order from their phone or tablet to help speed up the ordering process. I love seeing the new and innovative ways that people are implementing mobile into their small business. What are you doing with mobile in your business?