If you were to walk into the real estate brokerage office of “GoodLife Team” in Austin Texas, you’d be greeted by a different type of atmosphere than what you may be used to. They have no mounds of paperwork, and no file cabinets. They consider themselves to be a paperless company, relaying all their information to clients and to each other digitally. The company’s owner, Krisstina Wise, says that when she started the company, they wanted to be “new”, and be early adopters of today’s technology in order to run an efficient and professional business.

GoodLife Team has used iPad apps such as Realtor.com, which helps them to specifically narrow down areas for their clients who are looking to move. Another app that is key to their business is DocuSign, which allows them to get electronic signatures on documents and contracts, eliminating the need to send faxes, scan, or even leave the office. A third app that is very helpful to the realtors is Skitch, which allows them to jot notes directly onto a picture of a house they may be trying to sell in order to record information that will be relevant to their client. Wise believes that all companies should embrace technology, as “we are going that direction.”

MercuryCSC, an outdoors-oriented communications and public relations firm in Bozeman, Mont., has eliminated their traditional PBX phone system and are using the Line2 app from Toktumi with iPads, the iPhone and on desktop PCs.

Theater Design Consultant Joshua Allen relies on at least a half-dozen apps that help him take notes, consult architectural drawings and even see behind walls.The convenience of the apps made available by Apple are overshadowing the initial perception of the iPad as a “play” device, used to browse the web, read books, and play games such as Angry Birds. The advantages offered to small businesses from the use of mobile apps are increasing tremendously. For example, a company might bill a customer using an app such as Invoice2go, scan business cards and receipts through Pixoft’s TurboScan and keep tabs on customers through FileMaker’s recently redesigned Bento 4 database.


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