Small Business Saturday - Shop SmallHow can you make sure your small business gets the most out of Small Business Saturday on November 30? Ramp up local marketing throughout the month of November to increase community-wide awareness with these essential tips and strategies.

Pair Small Business Saturday with In-Store Specials and Discounts

Nothing gets people talking, and buying, more than specials and discounts. To help spread the word about Small Business Saturday, offer a wide range of discounts and in-store specials on this day. Be creative with the deals offered at your store to help increase interest too. Think along the lines of a contest, drawing or raffle for customers who come in on Small Business Saturday.

Promote Small Business Saturday with Social Media and Newsletters

One of the most affordable local marketing strategies your business can use to elevate the community’s response to Small Business Saturday is social media and email newsletters. Use social media to start a countdown to November 30th and to announce special deals and discounts for Small Business Saturday. Encourage social media sharing by offering coupons or giveaway contests to social media participants, and be sure to send out at least two email reminders for customers.

Distribute Fliers Where They Will Have the Largest Impact

Fliers can be effective local marketing tools, and when used wisely, their potential can offer fabulous returns. Take a look at community events that will be occurring throughout the month of November, and then focus flier distributions at events that are related to your small business. For example, if a small business sells sporting equipment, distributing fliers at local gyms and community sporting events can help to attract targeted customers on Small Business Saturday.

Talk it Up

Encourage everyone associated with the business, from employees, friends and family members, to spread the word about Small Business Saturday. Word-of-mouth news can go pretty far, just make sure that anyone who will be talking about this special day has plenty of fliers and business cards to hand out too.

Use Small Business Saturday for Additional In-Store Promotions

Small Business Saturday can have a lasting impact on your business, especially throughout the holiday shopping season. Take advantage of the increased traffic your business will experience on November 30th by using this day to locally advertise additional in-store promotions and sales that you have planned throughout the holidays.