Guerrilla marketing is marketing with little or no cost to you, that’s just a little offbeat or outlandish, and generates lots of buzz, which brings you more business. Here are some ideas for developing your own guerrilla marketing campaigns.


Giving out coupons is common today, but they’re still a viable way to increase sales. Coupons are also easy to track. You redeem the coupon, find out where your buyer obtained it, and you can figure out what marketing strategies are working for you. You can code the coupons for different locations, so you know where they came from. You can publish coupons online or include them in your packaging. Coupons can help a guerrilla marketing campaign in many ways. If you’re creative with the products and services you offer with your coupons, you’ll generate more interest in your customers, and some will become long term shoppers with your company.

Public Speaking

To find clients you have to get in front of them. Guerilla marketers often develop their services into their passion, and then pass it on to an audience. It’s free advertising from you, and expert in your field. When you speak to an audience, they automatically give you credibility if you hand them useful information, and that helps establish you as an expert. You can speak to community organizations, professional groups, trade associations, or at conferences and seminars. Develop ideas to speak about that include information the group can use when making buying or other key decisions; information that could save them time and money always gets people’s attention.

Many of your audience members will be grateful for the information you’ve given them, and that can lead to potential business relationships. Relationships are key to efficient guerrilla marketing, so use public speaking to build those skills.


Sponsor contests to gather information from your customers at little cost to you. When a customer enters the contest, you have their contact information, and it didn’t cost you anything to get it. These work in your business, but they work at trade shows, too. Offer something that consumers will desire, and that will generate interest in your contest. For example, if you offer an organizational service, offer a free in-home organizing to the person who sends you a picture of the messiest house. Let the media know what you’re doing, announce the winner, and show the results. It’s a great way to get a new business off the ground, too. So, go guerilla to generate new customers and get buzz going about your business.