If your roofing business has a steady cash flow and customers are making more requests, now’s the time to consider expanding. After all, growth is vital to the long-term survival of a business, and a wise business owner always seeks ways to improve.

While there is no straight shot toward success, here are five ways to grow a roofing business.

Be Adaptable to Customers

What’s your unique selling proposition? How do you stand out from other roofers in your area? If you’re not sure, listen to your customers. Check reviews to see where you stand out but also, while you’re reading along, take note of what you’re missing.

Are your customers in love with how professional your staff is but mention that they wish there were monthly debris removal services or even scheduled gutter cleanings? Adapt to their needs and reply so potential customers know you’re listening. 

Perhaps they want more options when it comes to payments. Try including digital wallets to speed up and simplify the payment process. While you’re at it, look into other tech tools to enhance your business as the business grows. This adaptability will make your business overall more appealing. 

Modern Small Business Playbook

It’s time to renovate your business and beat the competition.

Give Away Some Knowledge

You have to give a little to get a little, especially in business. Remember the early days of launching your business when you were giving away shirts and small-scale services to build brand awareness? Do you also remember how that cut into your bottom line?

Now that the business is in the growth stage, the last thing you want to do is revert back to free merchandise and services that dig into your finances. Take that money and hire a copywriter for your staff so you can expand your audience with the help of some free knowledge. Think of it as intellectual freebies.

I’m sure a roofing business with a writer sounds odd. And what are these intellectual freebies and why should you care? I’m sure it all sounds strange, but here’s the truth: perhaps written content is what your company’s marketing efforts lack.

Providing intellectual freebies looks like:

  • 1-page guides on roofing maintenance
  • Blog postings on your site that discuss common issues
  • Tips on social media that your followers can save for later
  • Guest blogging in roofing and home service publications
  • Visiting a local morning show to give tips

Push the limit. Trying unconventional methods to reach your target audience is how you get people to know your business exists.

Optimize for Local SEO

The best way to grow your roofing business, in my opinion, is to be the first option every time. While you can’t guarantee you’ll always be the first business suggested by word of mouth, you can work to be Google’s first suggestion in your area.

The place to start is search engine optimization (SEO), which is crucial when it comes to getting discovered and bringing in new customers.

It’s how your business communicates with Google and other search engines that your website and its content are relevant and worthy of gracing the search results page.

Because SEO trends are constantly changing, this is a task you could pass on to your company writer or hire a consultant who is up to date on the latest SEO trends of 2023.

Lean into Social Media

Social media allows your business to keep in touch with your current and potential customers without having to go the manual route.

While it may feel like a waste of time, social media for businesses is no longer optional. In fact, it can be low-hanging fruit for your business to snag new customers.

Get creative by using trends and trending sounds to your business’s benefit. Keep in mind, these trends change even more than SEO trends do. Having a list of social media trends to watch will keep you on track.

Need Help Getting Social?

See social media strategies for every size business.

On top of being a fun form of marketing, social media can help your roofing business:

  • Build brand awareness and recognition
  • Generate a conversation around your brand
  • Gather data about your audience
  • Understand the target customers’ interests
  • Provide the space to tell your brand’s story
  • Provide responsive customer service
  • Create ads to drive traffic to your website

Get a Two-Step Makeover

How long have you had the same website? It’s time for a refresh. While this doesn’t have to be an annual task, if you’re looking to grow your roofing business, you have to stay current and appealing to those who haven’t experienced your stellar services yet.

Step 1. Update your website to not only better reflect your business, but also improve functionality.

Is your menu button hard to locate? Or worse, is your website not responsive? The ability for visitors to easily use your website on desktop or mobile is important to both people browsing and search engine crawlers. 

Step 2. Use a professional to update your logo.

This doesn’t have to be a massive change. You want your customers to still recognize your business when they see the new logo.

Go for subtle changes that make a world of difference. For an example of subtle but impactful logo changes, I always reference the NFL team, the Miami Dolphins’ logo history.

88% of customers will never return to a site after a bad experience.

User Guiding

The worst mistake you can make is to assume your work will speak for itself. Take the step to actively place your business in a position to become greater than the year before.

Use the 5 growth tips we’ve outlined to showcase your expertise to help new customers feel secure in spending their well-earned dollars with your business.