Google rolled out their latest major update to their search algorithm, dubbed Penguin 2.0, on Wednesday, May 22.

Google’s head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, reported that about 2.3% of English-US queries are affected enough for a regular Google user to notice. The algorithm change was also rolled out for other languages worldwide.

The latest update is actually the fourth Penguin-related change that Google has done but since this represents an update to the algorithm and not just a data refresh, they coined it 2.0. Google has published a detailed explanation of what the differences are between an algorithm update, a data refresh, and an index update, for those who are interested.

Google has stated that their purpose in updating their search algorithm is to eliminate web spam – or low value web pages – from showing up in search results.

The general public is invited to report spam sites to Google, using a special report form. They’ll check out any spam sites that are submitted.

Cutts also released a video explaining the changes that SEO professionals and webmasters can expect in the next few months.