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GIFs: Make Your Own Shareable Images for Social Media

GIFs: Make Your Own Shareable Images for Social Media

By | 09.27.16
GIFs: Make Your Own Shareable Images for Social Media

Animated GIFs, those little moving images that play in a loop for a few seconds: Spin a puppy in a bowl and you have an instantly shareable social media post.

Of course, you can find these by the millions on sites such as Giphy, Tumblr, Imgur and elsewhere. But how cool would it be to make your own GIFs, say for a product demo or showing your employees showing off?

It’s easier than you think, using one of several free tools to capture a video image you shoot and convert it to a GIF. If you can get past the puppy, the infographic below from lays out your options.




How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog


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