What scares Google?

1) Everybody will soon search everything on mobile phones.

2) Search will stay inside the phone, on the mobile apps, where Apple lives, and not go out to the web, where Google lives. For instance, see this: Get Ready for Apple Local Search.

So Google just moved into Apple’s neighborhood with Gboard, an app to download from the iTunes store that puts Google search right on your iPhone keyboard.

Tap the “G” icon and a search box pops up; find, for instance, a restaurant address and you can insert it into whatever conversation you are carrying on through whatever app at the moment—texting, email, Snapchat. No more cutting and pasting among apps with that awkward iPhone highlight tool that—works how again? (asking for a friend).

As a bonus, easy access to emojis and gifs from the keyboard and glide typing.

Google has “no current plans” to display ads via Gboard, a spokesman told Search Engine Land.

Check out Google’s promotional video: