It must be springtime, because we’re cleaning up the awards in the G2 Spring Report for 2023.

Once again, and for 14 consecutive quarters, Thryv has been named a Leader in multiple categories for Small Business and businesses overall.

Every quarter, G2 publishes reports that highlight Leaders among software providers, based on verified user reviews. From the comprehensive reviews, G2 makes it easy for software shoppers to compare different platforms and the features they provide.

Platforms are scored and ranked as Leaders, which have high satisfaction and high market presence; High Performers, which have low market presence, but high satisfaction; Contenders, which have high market presence, but low satisfaction; and Niche, which rank low on both scales.

Thryv’s G2 Spring Report Categories

G2 breaks out the categories for Small Businesses and for All Business, overall. Thryv has maintained its highest ranking as Leader in the following categories:

What Thryv Users Are Saying

For its quarterly reports, G2 painstakingly analyses written reviews by software users who have been verified. Here’s what some of Thryv’s users said about our platform, leading up to the G2 Spring Report:

“Thryv is solving every problem I could ever have or experience being a woman business owner. It is like they get me every time.” — Martica, care coordinator, March 2023.

“My accounts management team … is happy as this tool helped them save time and easily manage all social media content and official documents so efficiently, analyzing and generating proper bills and invoices.” — Deepak, business owner, March 2023

Thryv has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with G2. For more information about Thryv’s G2 reviews and to read what users have to say about Thryv, please visit our G2 profile.

Thryv Named a Leader by Capterra, Too

Gartner Digital Markets, including Capterra, have also recognized Thryv as a critical tool for its users. 2023 awards for Thryv include:

  • Contact Management Software
  • Lead Management Software
  • Social Media Marketing Software

Thryv has earned a 4.2 out of 5 rating with Capterra. For more information about Thryv’s Capterra reviews and to read what users have to say about Thryv, please visit our Capterra profile.