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Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search [Infographic]

Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search [Infographic]

By | 03.18.14
Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search [Infographic]

The recent changeover to Daylight Saving Time and the onset of warmer, sunny weather leads many of us to seek out our favorite patio restaurants, and maybe even a margarita or two – here in Texas, at least. SinglePlatform’s infographic, “Fun in the Sun with Online Menu Search” suggests most online menu searches take place in the summer months. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Seafood, French, and American are the most searched cuisine types with searches for organic and locally grown dishes trailing not far behind.
  • San Diego, San Antonio, and Austin have shown huge increases in online menu searches recently. (Texas is fast becoming a state full of foodies. Or maybe we always have been?)
  • Pricier restaurants are more likely to get menu views online, but including special attributes and photos are also helpful in gaining menu views.

Finally, the key takeaway is that summer is a “hot” time for dining searches and you want to make sure your restaurant listing and menu are up-to-date and include as much content as possible. Consumers want to know what your menu looks like and what services you offer (patio dining!), so make sure you keep your online content updated with photos and seasonal specials. Keeping your menu content current results in more views and more customers in the summer months.

Online Menu Search

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