A new business has been launched by retired U.S. Army drill sergeant Ron Adams that is demonstrating how franchising can work for military veterans. After 24 years of service that included three tours in the Middle East, Adams has taken the extensive leadership skills he learned in the field and used them to open an N-Hance Wood Renewal franchise model in Columbia, South Carolina. Not only does his business provide local job opportunities for other vets like himself, but, by taking on this endeavor, Adams has demonstrated the possibilities franchise small business models can provide for retired vets who find themselves in a similar position.

For Adams, a franchise is a good next step following a decades-long career in the military, particularly due to the structure, established systems, and procedures that a franchise business structure is able to provide. As Adams’ explains, “Veterans are used to following a set process and structure and know how to rely on a support network. After being in an environment with a constant sense of unity between soldiers, the structure of a franchise model seemed similar, as you must be able to trust fellow franchise owners and rely on each other for support.”

By buying into the N-Hance franchise, Adams established himself as part of a network of national service businesses with a physical presence in more than 1,400 of the 1,900 Home Depot locations across the nation. In addition, as a business owner, he has the support of the entire franchise entity behind him, which happens to be heavily invested in research and development, and quality control. This enables him to consistently provide his customers with top-quality products and processes.

After a successful year in Columbia, Adams is looking to expand into additional territories throughout South Carolina. In this way, he believes he can give back to local veterans by creating new job opportunities for them while also establishing a legacy business that he will be able to pass down to his four children. Over his Army career, Adams molded 5,000 civilians into soldiers, serving in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn. He received several accolades during this period, including a Bronze Star and Honorable Military Discharge.


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