According to the National Retail Federation, Father’s Day spending will hit a record high $15.5 billion this year. Sounds like pretty sweet news for local businesses and retailers who saw spending drop to all-time lows in times of recent recessions. Though the biggest slice of this spending pie will go to experiences like sports events, concerts and dinners out, small businesses can still cash in on this exciting projection.

Of that nearly $16 billion spend, an estimated 18.7% is expected to fill the wallets of local business owners. And according to Fundivo, the average consumer spends just over $100 on Father’s Day. Fun fact: That’s about $50 less than they typically spend on mom on her special day. Sorry, Dad!

So how will you cash in on all this Father’s Day spending?

2017 Father’s Day Cheat Sheet for Local Business Owners
1. Don’t think like a dad, think like the people buying for dad.

You may have some idea of what you or even your dad might want for Father’s Day, but many consumers shop with their gut. This is a great holiday to try to attract attention with prominent window displays and in-store collateral.

2. Bundles and gift sets are your friends.

Make it easy for customers to picture your products or services as the perfect gift for dad. Bundle several items together, or create a special limited-time “menu” of services to really button up a Father’s Day promotion or package deal.

3. Don’t limit yourself with traditionally “masculine” promotions.

Today’s generation of dads is into more than beer, football and carburetors. It’s totally okay to promote product and services in the tech, landscaping, outdoor living and culinary industries (as well as plenty of others). It’s even worth considering promoting any personal lifestyle services you provide. Salon and spas, for example, could do a Dad’s Day promotion that includes a massage and a shave.

4. It’s time to sell it.

Once you’ve set yourself up for success with Father’s Day bundles and special promotions, don’t forget the most important part…promote what you’ve got to offer! Emails and social media posts are your secret weapons here. Email will help you compete with the other brands in your customers’ inboxes. And social will help you engage with a larger audience of current and potential clients.

Pro tip: Use language that targets more than one type of person. Talk to dads, daughters, sons and spouses. This will encourage sharing, because your message is likely to seem more relevant to more people than other posts consumers might see during the holiday.

BONUS pro tip: Don’t forget the hashtags. Include a simple hashtag along with your social posts that’s likely to be trending (like #FathersDay), and feel free to get creative with one of your own as well. #DealsforDad #DadBodSpaDay