This week Facebook announced that there will be some changes coming to Pages on desktop. Facebook stated that they feel that these changes will make it easier for people to find information that they are seeking and that these changes will help page admins find the tools that they use the most. Facebook stated that it will start to roll out changes in the next few weeks. Here are the updates that Facebook has released so far:

Updated Page Timeline Design: The right side column of your pages timeline now will display all of your page posts. Facebook stated that the benefit of this design is that your page posts will appear consistently on your page and in the News Feed.

Current timelime:FacebookBusinessCurrent

The redesigned version:FB-for-biz-after

Now the left hand column of your timelime will feature information about your business, including map, business hours, phone number and website URL, as well as photos and videos.

Left hand column:FacebookRedesign

Easier use of admin tools: Now no matter where you are on your page, you can view information about ads you may be running, new likes, unread notifications and messages. You can also click on any section in the “This Week” section for more details.

At the top of the page there will now be navigation options that make it easier to access activity, insights and settings. Also the “Build Audience” tab at the top right will offer you direct access to your Ads manager account.


Watch other pages: Facebook stated that as they roll out the new design of Pages, they are also opening up a feature called “Pages to Watch.” Pages to Watch allows admins to create a list of pages similar to their own and compare the performance of their Page with that of other similar businesses.

In the “Overview” tab of Page insights, admins will see stats about Pages they are watching. The “Posts” tab of Insights includes a feature to view the past week’s most engaging posts from the Pages you’re watching.


There are some features that Facebook did not mention in regards to the Pages redesign. There was no mention of custom tabs, messaging or Facebook reviews. It will be interesting to see what the final redesign will look like. What do you guys think?