Facebook recently made a change in their algorithm that spells not-so-great news for Facebook business pages. Essentially, your posts will be shown to fewer of your followers — unless you pay for Facebook ads. The news has many marketers quaking in their boots.

The social media team here isn’t quaking … yet. But we’re keeping a close eye on our pages to see how this ultimately affects us. And we have indeed noticed in the last few weeks that reach and interaction on Facebook has lessened. Meanwhile, during this exact same time period, interaction and followers on Google+ has gone noticeably up. So we’re taking a closer look at Google+.

It makes sense that if it’s difficult to broadcast a message in one space, then people seek out another space where it’s easier. And Google+ benefits go beyond ease. Its connection to Google search is significant. Plug a few key words into your Google+ post, and you’re plugged into the entire Google search system in a really helpful way.

If you don’t have a Google+ page or have one but haven’t been maintaining it, don’t fret. You’re not behind, and this infographic will tell you your next steps. It specifies B2B businesses in particular, but the advice applies to B2C companies as well. It’s an excellent primer on how to start a Google+ business page and best practices for managing it.

how to start a google+ page

Do you have a Google+ page? If so, leave us a link to it in the comments, and we’ll follow you!

Infographic source: Social Media Today