In our latest edition of Thryv Live, our Product Team walks through a ThryvPay demo aimed at helping you set up your account, get activated and discover how the new payment processor is designed specifically for service-based businesses.

Diving into ThryvPay

ThryvPay, ThryvPay app, paymentsIn the video below, watch the team explain how to:

  • Find ThryvPay and scheduled payments on your dashboard
  • Set up your payment options, including ACH and credit cards
  • Toggle between your preferred payment processor options
  • Issue an invoice, and see how your customers will interact with ThryvPay
  • Set up convenience fees and tips options
  • Use our Calculator to determine your cost savings

We also discuss:

  • ThryvPay’s competitive rates and transaction fees
  • The cost benefits of ThryvPay’s ACH digital checking account processing
  • ThryvPay’s fully transparent reporting
  • Dispute assistance
  • Educational resources and support

We also cover a number of upcoming product enhancements for Thryv, such as managing items and services lists, staff assignments and more.

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