With the number of policy and feature changes Facebook puts into action it’s no wonder small business owners have struggled to use Facebook for their marketing efforts. A new resource called “Facebook for Business” was recently launched to help business owners in this regard.

The new hub provides advice to business owners on how to market themselves on the social media channel. Offering new tools and features for beginners and more seasoned users, the new hub replaces the “Business Guide” which was released in 2011. On the new hub, business owners can find basic information on how to set up a business page, build ads and use page analytics. More experienced users can benefit from tips on how to drive more traffic to their online or brick-and-mortar stores and find useful information on Facebook’s mobile features.

The new resource center also provides case studies on companies that have benefited from Facebook’s marketing tools, including a Chicago-based auto dealer who uses Facebook ads to target customers living within a 15-mile radius.

Facebook says the new hub is just a drop in the bucket and business owners should expect even grander things in the future. A spokesperson from Facebook stated that Facebook will “grow into the central destination for the news, information and inspiration that marketers can use to drive business results with Facebook.”


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