According to a study by eMarketer, Facebook and Google+ are the top two social media resources accessed by consumers. Facebook held the top spot with 51% of Internet users logging into the site, while Google+ was at about half of that with 26%. The study also indicated that Facebook should hit the 60% mark by year’s end.

Laptop and desktop computers are not the only ways consumers are visiting these sites, either. The study reported that “Growth in social network usage came especially from the mobile phone and tablet…” and “…Facebook saw the biggest jumps…increasing by 47% on both PC and mobile, and nearly doubling on the tablet. Messaging friends on a one-on-one basis via Facebook also grew substantially on mobile phones and tablets.”

Smartphone, tablet, and other mobile device use is opening new marketing avenues for businesses. Data from the study showed that users tended to follow a group or like a page that was created by a brand. This, along with the messaging trend, implies that significant brand promotion opportunities await those who recognize the impact that social media has for reaching new customers.

The study also shows that while putting marketing efforts into Facebook campaigns will reach an increasingly larger audience, having a presence on other social media sites, such as Google+, can also play a role in expanding the potential customer base.


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