If your dental office isn’t on Facebook, it should be. Using Facebook is a great way for your practice to engage with your clients, book appointments, highlight reviews, share coupons and be educational. Here are some examples of how dentists are currently using Facebook:

Book appointments: Is your business utilizing your Facebook tabs? A Facebook tab is a separate page (commonly referred to as a “tab”) that can include a variety of different kinds of content within your Facebook fan page. The Dental office of Dr. Les Latner uses their Facebook pages tab to let their customers book appointments.

Tab powered by Solution Reach (formerly Smile Reminder).

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See this Facebook page for more ideas.

Highlight reviews: The majority of potential customers researching a new dentist will read reviews before booking. If your dental practice has great reviews, you should highlight them since there’s no better marketing than great reviews! Bensonhurst Dental Care does a great job highlighting and answering their reviews through a Facebook tab.

Tab powered by DemandForce.

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See this Facebook page for more ideas.

Facebook only specials: Your clients on Facebook have taken the time to support your office by “liking” your offices page on Facebook. These are your loyal clients, thank them for their support by offering Facebook-only specials. Cosmetic and Wellness Center of New Jersey does a good job of offering these kinds of specials for their most loyal customers.

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See this Facebook page for more ideas.

Education: Your Facebook fans trust your practice and find the information that you are sharing valuable to the health of their teeth. That being said, you should work some content into your Facebook posts that will educate your patients. Dr. Fredrick J Pasternoster and Dr. Paul R Santos do a good job of including educational posts that are fun and informative.

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See this Facebook page for more ideas.

Is your dental practice on Facebook? If so, leave a link in the comment, we’d love to “like” your page!